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Dive boat owner, Jesse Stoker, watches his best friend hop a non-stop flight for an unexpected trip back home to the Bahamas out islands. But when the twin engine plane lands on the remote spit of land an hour later, Captain Symonette has vanished. Fearful of reporting his disappearance to the local authorities, Symonette’s frantic wife pleads with Stoker to travel to the islands to search for the man.
Accompanied by his sometime-girlfriend, Jade, Stoker boards the Seascape for a stealthy voyage to an outer island where superstition and voodoo permeate every aspect of daily life. While searching for the truth about Symonette’s fate, Stoker and Jade learn that curses can be real. They soon find that long-lost gold and a decades-old murder are all tied to the mystery of OBEAH’S FIRE.

Death at Obeah's Fire

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