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A paranoid recluse believes America has lost its way. A weapon called Azrael's Blade will change that. When Pete Marlin, a contraband smuggler in the Bahamas, witnesses a helicopter gun down a yacht, he rescues a passenger with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. The man’s dying words: get the briefcase to the Patriot and save the country. Jaicy Lupe believes country first and only, a motto passed down through her family. She’s a top-notch Federal agent, but she’s been bumped from agency to agency for being a bit too trigger-happy. She has one last chance to prove herself: collect a briefcase, disarm the contents, and turn over the weapon. Marlin has good reasons not to trust the government. Jaicy has good reasons not to trust Marlin. But he has the briefcase. He knows the treacherous waters of the Bahamas. A nuclear-armed drone is targeted at the vast oil storage facility that fuels Miami’s ports. If they can’t figure out how to work together, millions will die. 

Azrael's Blade

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