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The Story of Jeffrey Philips

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In 1967, back when Clorox bottles worked as BCD's, I strapped on my first air cylinder and jumped into the world of scuba diving.  After diving recreationally for two years, I decided this was a love that would last a lifetime, and completed my diving certification from NASDS, and I haven't stopped diving since. 


My early diving adventures brought me to the spring and sinks of Florida, filling my logbooks with pristine tunnel systems and grottos. Almost if out of a storybook, the walls and boundaries of these dive sites seemed to blend the boundaries between the earth and sea. Those memories make me smile still today.


In 1986, I completed my PADI Scuba Instructor course and began teaching alongside my wife, Kitty. A few years later, Jim Abernethy and I connected after I opened Seascape Charters, a local dive charter operation. Eventually, we added on Mermaid Dive Guides, arranging international dive trips guided by Kitty and me in the Bahamas, Lands End, Fiji, and other Caribbean destinations. Each trip was complete with new stories of friendship and exploration in the warm and colorful reef systems around the world. 


After continued encouragement from Jim, Kitty and I decided to move to West Palm Beach, Florida, and become a part of Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures [JASA.] Their team is widely known for its famous shark expeditions, National Geographic photoshoots, and flying boat adventures.  I quickly fell in love with the community's ever-evolving reef system filled with a diverse array of marine life.

In 2011 I wrote Murder on Devil Ray's Reef and then found inspiration once again in 2014, writing Death at Obeah's Fire

After 30 years of leading dives in Florida, Kitty and I decided to make the move to the mountains, where we currently reside in Monterey, Tenneesee. 

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It's a great read - fast, funny, and slickly written. The smashing climax with boats and bad guys being sunk in a cyclonic vortex of bubbles is amazing. You'll be glad you got this one.


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Author, Jeffrey Philips, adventuring at the Blue Heron Bridge in West Palm Beach, FL. 

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